Whether you are a homeowner interested in DIY weekend projects, or a restaurant owner looking for a stylish Not only do its products give you exceptional results, you get unstinting technical support at every step of the way. You can count on Düraamen's concrete floor finish to give it little or low odor during use and curing, so it's absolutely safe in occupied properties, be it a home, an office or a high-traffic public area. With Düraamen's products for polished concrete flooring, you get fast drying time and easy clean-up. You can even use the epoxy concrete floor finish onto recently poured concrete for maximum adhesion.

WIth so many choices, you can have low-sheen satin or high-sheen gloss. Suggested further reading: The Popularity of Polished Concrete Flooring Going Green With Polished Concrete Flooring By using Düraamen's products, you get points towards LEED credits