Concrete Mix Designs and Ingredients

Mixing concrete may not be very simple but it is not also complicated. There are just some basic things you need to understand before you can readily start mixing concrete on your own. First are the ingredients. Depending on the amount of concrete that you want to produce, you must also have the right amount of ingredients available. The basic ingredients are bagged concrete mix and water. You will also need a few tools in the mixing process, such as a wheelbarrow and a bucket.

Adding the right amount of water to the dry concrete mix is the first step. Avoid committing the mistake of adding too much water which would result in a concrete that is soupy and thin. It is advised that you add the water from a bucket rather than from a direct water source. This will help you estimate the right volume of water needed for the concrete mix. Mix it until you get the perfect consistency. Add more water and dry concrete mix as necessary. A thicker mix is easier to handle than a thin concrete solution.

Mixing Concrete

First you need a container to mix in. A wheelbarrow works well. If you don’t have one, buy an inexpensive plastic mortar pan. If the job is large enough you should seriously consider renting a mixer. If you have a pickup with a hitch you can rent a large one. If not rent a small electric one. You can put it in the back of truck, minivan or car trunk if you don’t mind leaving the lid open. The mixer can really make life easier. If you mix in a wheelbarrow of mortar pan the best tool is a hoe; one with holes. This gives better mixing and less resistance. A shovel will work in a pinch. View the entire article at the main source.

For concrete countertops, the right countertop mix designs should be utilized. There are additional ingredients needed for some designs and you have to carefully choose one that would fit your needs and desires. There are mixtures that work perfectly to produce the right mixture without sacrificing the strength of the concrete.

Concrete Countertop Mix Ingredients and Admixtures

Polycarboxylate superplasticizers are a very powerful type of high range water reducer. This video shows how adding a small amount of a powerful water reducer, instead of water, can take a concrete mix from dry and crumbly to flowable. See more at

Mixing the concrete manually may cause physical exhaustion if done alone. In cases where the concrete is needed for large projects, employing a reliable concrete company is advised. Professional concrete mixers can produce the right amount of cement in just a short span of time. Most construction projects have a targeted date of completion so hiring concrete mixers would become a must. Fortunately, a reliable concrete company is no longer hard to find nowadays.