What You Can Do With Roller Compacted Concrete?

To those still unfamiliar with construction terms, there is an innovation being implemented—-known as roller compacted concrete; in  a way, it is a special blend of concrete as opposed to the traditional one. Essentially, this kind of concrete is a mixture of fly ash, water, sand and common additives. When all  these things are mixed up then you will get something that is drier in form and one that is essentially without any slump in it, which is great for use in any concrete works.

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The use of the roller compacted concrete is somehow similar to that of paving; such that the material is delivered through the use of dump truck or that of conveyors. Vibratory rollers are also being set in place in order that the material becomes even more compacted. Thus, there are a lot of construction projects that will certainly benefit when proper use of the roller compacted concrete is utilized.

Thin RCC Pavements In Use

The question of how thin roller compacted concrete (RCC) pavement can be placed is being asked more frequently.  As residential and commercial applications are finding a fit with RCC, thinner pavement sections are being constructed.  Traditionally, RCC pavements have been installed at large industrial facilities (e.g. sea ports, tank hardstands, logging yards) requiring pavement sections as thick as 18 to 22 inches, constructed with multi-lift placement techniques.  However, RCC’s popularity is growing fastest in applications that require thinner sections.

The Portland Cement Association’s (PCA’s) RCC Pave software encourages a 4-inch minimum pavement thickness, for constructability reasons.  Many projects have employed 4 and 5 inch thin RCC pavement throughout the U.S., including:

  • Plant Vogtle; Waynesboro, GA (2011); parking – 4 inches
  • Volkswagen Auto Manufacturing Plant; Chattanooga, TN (2010); parking – 4 inches
  • Jack Daniel’s Distillery; Lynchburg, TN (2011); parking – 5 inches
  • Honda Auto Manufacturing Plant; Lincoln, AL (2000 & 2004); access roads – 5 inches
  • A Retail Lumber Store; Ft. Payne, TN (1998); lumber storage yard – 5 inches
  • Saturn Auto Manufacturing Plant; Spring Hill, TN (1989); parking – 5 inches

Why choose RCC?  Because RCC can be designed and placed for lower cost than an equivalent asphalt/flexible pavement on many projects–and provide a higher level of performance.  CCT can help road agencies and engineers determine if RCC is the right choice for a project.  Give us a call. Read more…

On the immediate uses of concrete, it is important for you to see that there are concrete tiles which you can install in your homes to make it more dashing than it was once. This will help enliven the interior aspect of your home, and in a way will make it look more livable than it should.

Granada Tile Fez Cement Tile In The Kitchen of Emma Magazine’s Editor

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It is certainly an important point to understand that there are so many benefits that you can derive from concrete. And seeing that you can even beautify your interior with the use of such will definitely entice you to making the most of what it can offer. There are definitely a lot of great things that will come your way with all these concrete when properly chosen.